Chair Massage: ...a brief, 10 - 20 min massage through the clothing in a comfortable, supportive chair. No oils or lotion are used. Chair massage addresses tension in the upper body, head, neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands. The chair is portable so service is available nearly anywhere... businesses, trade shows, health fairs.

An employer can benefit because employees enjoy reduced muscle tension, it boosts alertness, reduces stress, increases circulation, calms the nervous system. Research reports the chair massage in the work place increases employee effectiveness, enhances work relations, makes a great incentive, is a wellness program people actually use, gives employees a tool for controlling their responses to stress, it reduces employee turnover.

Therapeutic Massage: Massage can help with stress, painful & tight muscles, increases muscle recovery after exercise, injuries (tendinitis), headaches, as well as back and neck pain.

By combining many modalities, Kathy's massage technique is individually taylored. Routines are "out", as Kathy uses whatever modality she feels is needed for that particular individual. Some of the unique modalities she has trained in are Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, and Trigger Point Therapy.

Lymph Drainage Therapy: This therapy is a very gentle but powerful modality. It helps reduce fluid retension, removes toxins, promotes tissue regeneration after surgery or a fracture, reduces appearance of scars, it stimulates the immune system, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (the system that stimulates relaxation, is the opposite of the flight or fight response), reduction of pain, is very helpful in autoimmune diseases such as MS, fibromyalgia, rhumatoid arthritis & lupus. Some studies indicate that autoimmune flare ups last less time and the time between flare ups lengthens.

Pregnancy Massage: This therapy relieves the aches & pains of a woman's changing body during pregnancy. Massage can relieve pain in muscles and joints, increase flexibiliy, ease constipation, gas and hearburn, reduce fluid retention, slow the progress of varicose veins, relieves headaches.

Regular massage during pregnancy can help for labor in a couple of ways, massage can increase you awareness of tension in your body and learn how to consciously release it, and by practicing breathing and relaxation techniques while a tender area is being massaged, resulting in increased confidence and control during labor, which in turn can reduce labor pain and the duration of labor.

Massage after delivery (postparum massage) can help mom handle the physical demands of caring for a newborn by reducing tension and increasing energy. Pyschologically massage can nurture and comfort mom.

Teaching parents Infant Massage: This therapy helps develop the bonding between parent and baby. Infant Massage is the most studied modality of massage. Research indicates that children & infants who are massaged have improved sleeping patterns diminished anxious behavior and significantly reduced stress. Studies show premature babies who were regularly massaged gained weight faster, performed better on developmental tasks, acquired mental and motor skills earlier and were more relaxed than babies not massaged.

The roots of Infant Massage taught here in the US are from India, where massage has passed down through generations. Babies in India, massaged by their mothers develped both mentally and physically well beyond normal expectations give their malnourished condition. Massage stimulates digestion and elimination & can reduce the discomfort of teething and colds. It helps calm fussy babies. Massage can help a baby let go of tension and relax. Infant massage benefits parents as well. It improves understanding of baby's cues, increases confidence in caring for the baby, it is a relaxing experience for both parent and baby.